Life Admin

Last week my car broke down and it’s been quite an inconvenience, but I’ve been too busy to devote time to finding another one. That got me thinking about life admin – things that we need to do to keep our lives going e.g. research for a deal on a holiday or cleaning the house or in my case, looking for a new car. It’s one thing not to have time for socializing, it’s another thing entirely not to have time for life admin. I need to make time for it because if my personal life is in disarray it’ll start filtering into my business life as is the case with the car (or lack thereof). Without the car, I’ve added an hour to my daily travel time. So today I decided that work can wait, I need to find a new car.

Had any life admin issues?


Day 5 – Feeling Like Myself Again

Over the last 3 years, I haven’t really felt like myself, and earlier this year I realised that may have something to so with the fact that I simply haven’t given 100% to my business. I have always been someone that works hard (well, works smart). I strategise, plan and execute. But I simply haven’t allowed myself to do that over the last 3 years. I’m not really sure why, perhaps it’s because of fear of failure, or lack of passion. Regardless, this year I decided I will put everything I have into my business.

This weekend, I was knackered, from working a 60 hour week, but I felt fulfilled and happy and that’s when it hit me, I’m back to myself again and it feels sooo good. Now I’m not recommending a 60 hour week, but I’m realising that in business, you must be true to yourself. We must not let fear hold me back.

Anyway welcome back Korede.

Have you ever felt like you’ve lost yourself for one reason or another?

Day 4 – April Goals

So it’s the beginning of a new month and it’s time to set new goals.


  •  15 new clients
  • 4 new employees
  • Complete a google adwords training (if you know of an online one I can sign up to please let me know
  • Start advertising on google adwords
  • Sort out employee lanyards

Let’s get to work.

What are your goals for this month?



Day 3 – March Target Update #WeMadeIt

I’m super excited to say I hit my March Target. Literally only made it yesterday. So so so so chuffed. I wanted to sign up 10 new customers and I’ve hit 10 right on the nose loool.

Targets are a beautiful thing, they give us something to work towards. Having said that, targets alone aren’t enough. I’ve had 10 as a magic number for almost a year and I have literally never hit it. Month in and month out, I’d set 10 as the target, although by the end of the last year I’d reduced it to 5, and I still wasn’t really hitting that regularly.

So what changed? In January, I stopped setting targets and started working on a sales funnel – a step by step guide on how to turn a potential customer/cold lead into a paying customer. With a little tweaking over the last few months, I now have a system that works. I just wish I’d put one together 2 years ago. Better late than never right?

Now if I could just come up with one for recruiting new employees….

Do you have a sales funnel? Does it work?


DAY 2 – Growing pains

Spent much of yesterday partly looking for new employees and partly freaking out about the fact that I need to hire more employees asap.

The great thing about growth is knowing that finally your hard work is paying off. You can finally see the picture taking shape and coming together. The problem however, is that more customers means more structural development within a business. In my case, more employees. More employees means more people to manage and thus more time spent on that.

I’m now learning to create systems that will ensure that very customer’s experience is great consistently. That means more time must be spent on my business, rather than in my business. (shout out to “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerver. It’s a must read!)

Slowly but surely (well, quickly but surely), I’m seeing my role change in my business and it’s exciting- scary, but exciting.

What are the business growing pains you’re experiencing?

Ok I’ve changed…I promise *covers face emoji*

To say it’s been a while is an understatement. It’s been 2 years since I last posted. I really wanted to blog my entire journey but that has been immense fail, so I’ve decided that blogging one paragraph a day is more doable for me.

What to expect:

  • My weekly business goals
  • My weekly business progress
  • Lessons I’ve learnt
  • Books I’m reading
  • Stories about the journey so far.

I’m feeling super excited, because my business is in a completely different place since my last post today and we are growing quite quickly.

I can’t wait to take this journey with you guys. 2017 is the year I’ve been waiting for. eeeeks. Join me on this amazing journey to my ultimate goal.


Don’t Become an Entrepreneur If…

There are many blogs, posts, books etc. that highlight the great things about working for yourself. They make it seem like it is for everyone but that’s as true as saying we can all become professional skydivers, even if you have a crippling fear of heights. The point is one path does not fit all, we’re all equipped to do different jobs. So even if you have a fantastic idea think about the following things before you embark on this entrepreneurial road.

Don’t become an entrepreneur if….

1. You hate being told what to do/listening to others
– Many find the idea of working for oneself appealing because they can be their own boss; they can become fully autonomous beings; it’s their way or the highway. WRONG! As an entrepreneur you have to do more listening than ever before. Firstly, you must listen to your customers. It doesn’t matter what you think they want if it’s not what they actually want. No matter how much you love your product the customer knows best. Also your staff aren’t your slaves, at times they will take a different approach to a task that you have given them and their views do matter because they may have a better perspective than you on certain things.

2. You hate working long hours.
– Another alluring trait of being an entrepreneur is the idea that you can use your time how you wish. You can work from the comfort of your own home and take breaks at will. This may be true for those who want to go out of business quicker than you can say “liquidation” but for those of us looking to build an empire, that is as far from reality as you can get. I once heard someone say “If want to give up that 9-5, you have to be willing to work 24/7”. The hours are long and quite often your weekend must be sacrificed. Are you willing to work early and go to bed late? Can you operate on 4-5 hours of sleep when necessary? Can you forgo nights out with friends if the situation requires it? If the answer to any of these is no then I’d reconsider the whole entrepreneur thing.

3. You can’t take rejection
– The truth is most of us hate rejection. “NO!” How can a two letter word fill us with so much fear?! We’ll do anything to avoiding coming face to face with this word. I get it, but the fact of the matter is in business you’re gonna hear far more “no”s than “yeses”. It’s sad, it’s painful but you have to be willing to keep trying anyway. You can’t be afraid of hearing it because you’ll pass up many precious opportunities that may have actually resulted in a “yes”. Can you handle a day of “no”s, or week of “no”s or even a month of “no”s?
You can’t deal with (or not willing to deal with) failure and disappointment this isn’t the path for you.

I realise that this post is slightly depressing lol, but take heart because just because you said no to say of the above doesn’t mean it’s all over. As long as you’re willing to make the necessary changes then there’s still hope.

To all the entrepreneurs out there, can you relate to this? Are there any other things you’d add to this list? Comment below

Till next time. Keep Getting It!

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