Day 3 – March Target Update #WeMadeIt

I’m super excited to say I hit my March Target. Literally only made it yesterday. So so so so chuffed. I wanted to sign up 10 new customers and I’ve hit 10 right on the nose loool.

Targets are a beautiful thing, they give us something to work towards. Having said that, targets alone aren’t enough. I’ve had 10 as a magic number for almost a year and I have literally never hit it. Month in and month out, I’d set 10 as the target, although by the end of the last year I’d reduced it to 5, and I still wasn’t really hitting that regularly.

So what changed? In January, I stopped setting targets and started working on a sales funnel – a step by step guide on how to turn a potential customer/cold lead into a paying customer. With a little tweaking over the last few months, I now have a system that works. I just wish I’d put one together 2 years ago. Better late than never right?

Now if I could just come up with one for recruiting new employees….

Do you have a sales funnel? Does it work?



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