Day 3 – March Target Update #WeMadeIt

I’m super excited to say I hit my March Target. Literally only made it yesterday. So so so so chuffed. I wanted to sign up 10 new customers and I’ve hit 10 right on the nose loool.

Targets are a beautiful thing, they give us something to work towards. Having said that, targets alone aren’t enough. I’ve had 10 as a magic number for almost a year and I have literally never hit it. Month in and month out, I’d set 10 as the target, although by the end of the last year I’d reduced it to 5, and I still wasn’t really hitting that regularly.

So what changed?┬áIn January, I stopped setting targets and started working on a sales funnel – a step by step guide on how to turn a potential customer/cold lead into a paying customer. With a little tweaking over the last few months, I now have a system that works. I just wish I’d put one together 2 years ago. Better late than never right?

Now if I could just come up with one for recruiting new employees….

Do you have a sales funnel? Does it work?



DAY 2 – Growing pains

Spent much of yesterday partly looking for new employees and partly freaking out about the fact that I need to hire more employees asap.

The great thing about growth is knowing that finally your hard work is paying off. You can finally see the picture taking shape and coming together. The problem however, is that more customers means more structural development within a business. In my case, more employees. More employees means more people to manage and thus more time spent on that.

I’m now learning to create systems that will ensure that very customer’s experience is great consistently. That means more time must be spent on my business, rather than in my business. (shout out to “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerver. It’s a must read!)

Slowly but surely (well, quickly but surely), I’m seeing my role change in my business and it’s exciting- scary, but exciting.

What are the business growing pains you’re experiencing?

Ok I’ve changed…I promise *covers face emoji*

To say it’s been a while is an understatement. It’s been 2 years since I last posted. I really wanted to blog my entire journey but that has been immense fail, so I’ve decided that blogging one paragraph a day is more doable for me.

What to expect:

  • My weekly business goals
  • My weekly business progress
  • Lessons I’ve learnt
  • Books I’m reading
  • Stories about the journey so far.

I’m feeling super excited, because my business is in a completely different place since my last post today and we are growing quite quickly.

I can’t wait to take this journey with you guys. 2017 is the year I’ve been waiting for. eeeeks. Join me on this amazing journey to my ultimate goal.