When a Personal Spanner Gets Into Business Works

As much as I can, I try to keep my personal life and business life separate but I’m sure as many entrepreneurs can testify, this is much easier said than done, if you work from home, and don’t have strict work hours both personal and business just tend to merge into one big blob. When you’re working on your business lots of non-business related thoughts might crop up and vice versa. Keeping yourself focused on the task at hand can be a separate struggle in itself. I try to live by saying I heard ….. Say, “when you’re doing right now is the most important thing”. Which basically means focus!!! While it can be difficult I make a conscious effort to switch off one part of my life and focus on the other.

Now what happens when something happens in your personal life that is too big to shut off? Earlier this month my aunt passed away and it has been hard. Focusing on business has been difficult to say the least. I just feel deflated, unable to work, unable to do anything really. It’s like the wind has been knocked out of me. Now if I was an employee I could just take time off but when you’re a business owner things still have to get done. You can’t shut up shop and stay in bed all day. The bills will still be coming in and customers still require the service they’re paying for.

While it’s be very hard, I’ve found that seeing business as a welcome distraction rather than unwanted burden is helping. I immerse myself in all things business and for a moment I forget about what happened, and when I remember again I push myself to do more work. This has meant I’ve actually managed to get more done than I would usually get done. I know that this won’t necessarily work for everyone but it’s worth a try.

Have you had any experiences that have effected your business life or vice versa? How did you overcome it? Advice and suggestions are very welcome

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Till next time. Keep Getting It!!