Getting a J.O.B!

Firstly, no I’m not quitting, I’m re-stratergising. At the end of June I went over the goals I wrote out for this year and was actually quite surprised that I had made some kind of dent in my plans (albeit a very small and possibly invisible to the human eye sized dent). In particular, I noticed that most of the goals I had achieved or was in the process of achieving were my personal development goals, but my financial, career and business goals were almost untouched. What was the problem? Why wasn’t I moving forward even though I was working hard? I spent a lot of time thinking over these questions and came to the conclusion that the reason I wasn’t getting anywhere was my lack of capital. I needed money to make money and my cash flow at this point is just not enough.

My options were:
1. Get a loan – That was out of the question, because I had promised myself after the almighty flop of my first venture (that I’m still paying off today) I wouldn’t take out another business loan until I had paid off the last one and was making enough money to need a loan to expand an already successful business.

2. Find an investor – firstly that could take a while and many of them want to invest in a business that has been around for 2+ years. So that was out of the question.

3. Get a job! – The issue here was could I juggle my business with working full time? I looked at my current schedule, did some shuffling around and decided that it was possible, I’d be knackered and have little to no time for any extra-curricular activities but it was possible.

So here I am spending my days doing applications and going to assessment days. This process is a full time job in itself so I suppose I’m already practicing. The aim is to start before the end of August. Wish me luck!

Does anyone else work full-time and run a business as well? How do you do it? Got any tips for me?

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Till next time. Keep Getting It!